Video call tutorial

Creating a video call

Checked with version: 5.5  -  Difficulty: Intermediate

Create a new empty GameObject.

Rename the new GameObject “Voximplant”.

With the “Voximplant” GameObject selected:

Create and add a new C# script called "Videocall" using the "Add Component" button of the "Inspector" pane.

Open the script "Videocall" for editing.

Replace all of the code in the script with the following code. Please note, that the class name should exactly match the script name.

In the code above, replace the "your-acc-name-here" string with your Voximplant account name.

Select "File", "Build Setting" from the top menu. Select the "Android" or "iOS" platform, then click on the "Player Settings ..." button. Close the "Build Settings" window. In the "Inspector" pane open the "Other Settings" foldout and change the default "Bundle Identifier" to your own, for example to the "com.mycompany.mygame". For Android change the minimum API level to 16. For iOS change the minimum iOS version to 8.0 and specify the "Camera Usage Description" and the "Microphone Usage Description".

For a video call you should have a second participant. For the illustrative purpose of this tutorial use our browser-based demo. Enter "user-2" as the user name, "video-chat-app" as the application name, your Voximplant account name and "unitydemo" as the password. Click on the "login" button and this web app will accept any incoming call and send back video from your computer camera.

Save, build and run project. You should see video from your computer camera.

Video call tutorial

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