Voximplant SDK for Unity

Add voice & video communication to your VR/AR apps and games fast and easy!

Real-time audio and video communication enables new experiences in existing and new applications.


In-game voice chat

Now users can talk with each other in real time without leaving the app and wasting time creating a conference in external programs. Players can easily share new experiences with each other.


Video communication

Full immersion in the virtual world where users can share emotions with friends and family in real time via video chats. Integrate video communication into your VR or mobile/web game to enrich user experience.


Scalable cloud

Voximplant is capable of supporting communication of thousands (or millions) of your users. We will take care of the infrastructure and communication tech while you can focus on developing the app.

Text and data

Rich instant messaging

Everything you need to bring more interaction opportunities to your app, all in one box! An easy-to-implement SDK developed specifically for game programmers, backed by our 9 years of experience in messaging and telephony.